Best Crypto Exchange In India With Low Fees

The best Cryptocurrencies Exchange in India will be able to give you access to a broad variety of digital assets while keeping the trading costs to a minimum level.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are online trading platforms that allow you to purchase and sell cryptocurrency easily. These trading platforms work as an intermediate between the buyers and sellers like any other popular trading exchange. Many crypto exchange platforms allow users to trade in various Cryptocurrencies easily. Although the Indian government has yet to make up its mind on cryptocurrencies, India has the biggest number of Crypto Trading Platforms in the world. 

The best Cryptocurrencies Exchange in India will be able to give you access to a broad variety of digital assets while keeping the trading costs to a minimum level. Those trading platforms that follow regulatory guidelines always provide better and more transparent service to their consumers. Now, let’s check out some of the best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India through which you can easily invest your money in various cryptocurrencies with lots of amazing features. 
Best Crypto Exchange in India with Low Fees
1.    Bybit
2.    Binance
3.    CoinDCX
4.    Wazirx
5.    KuCoin
1.    Bybit 

Bybit is the best crypto exchange in India with lowest fees and best liquidity. Right now, there is a special bonus where if you sign up a Bybit account using this link, you will get an extra $5 free when you complete your KYC and receive up to $4,000 bonus when you complete all the tasks available on their platform.

Bybit prides itself with its 24/7 professional customer support, you can reach out to them to answer any queries that you face. This is a very commonly requested feature in the Indian market and they have done it extremely well. They also offers the lowest trading fee in the market, with 0% Spot Trading Fee and plenty of bonuses for users to claim when they complete certain tasks.

Founded in March 2018, Bybit has over 10 million+ registered customers. They also have extremely good liquidity, wide variety of coins, high trading volume and good yield-generating products. In terms of security, Bybit also keeps customer funds safe with its industry-leading cold storage system. They also process withdrawals and deposit instantly, so your funds are always safe and free to use.

Overall, Bybit is an outstanding cryptocurrency trading that is super easy-to-use even for the new traders and is also the fastest-growing margin trading Cryptocurrencies Exchange platform all over the world.

Sign up to Bybit now and there is a special bonus where you will get an extra $5 free when you complete your KYC and receive up to $4,000 bonus when you complete all the tasks available on their platform.

2.    Binance 

Binance is the best Cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world with maximum liquidity, trading volume, and the number of registered users. The trading platform offers Margin Trading which the user can understand and carry out in some simple steps. 
To use the Margin Trading feature on the Binance trading platform, you must complete your KYC Verification process, and also your country must not be included in the Binance country Blacklist. Additionally, the trading platform also features a Margin Insurance Fund to protect its overall liquidity. 
If a trader becomes insolvent or bankrupt during margin trading, and his assets are insufficient to pay his debt, the trading platform will repay the trader’s loan from this Margin Insurance Fund. 

Binance also allows margins of up to 125X on Derivatives Trading and up to 10X on Spot Trading. In addition to this, the Binance trading platform also provides Leveraged Tokens as a choice for Margin Trading. 
Furthermore, by purchasing the Leveraged Tokens, the investor avoids the problem or hassle of maintaining the required margin with the trading platform. Binance trading platform provides a wide variety of financial products for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, trading options, derivatives, etc. 

3.    CoinDCX 

CoinDCX platform is a beginner-friendly Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform that also provides a Blockchain Wallet. The platform has a remarkable investment from Coinbase Company and is the biggest Cryptocurrency Trading Platform in all of India. 
The trading platform offers to teach the fresher or beginners about Crypto Trading and the Crypto Market along with promoting Cryptocurrency Trading in India on a large scale. With this trading platform, you can easily check the rate of Bitcoin or the rate of other renowned Cryptocurrencies anytime in INR. 
This trading platform offers services for different types of Crypto Assets or Cryptocurrencies and also has a cost-effective or affordable trading fee for trading. 
The coinDCX platform is completely safe to use. Hot Wallets hold only 5% of the entire cryptocurrencies of their registered users. With this trading platform, all your personal information is completely safe and secure, and not even an internal member of the CoinDCX team has access to them. 
For more enhanced security, CoinDCX also provides a Two-factor Authentication feature along with a Notification setting for every exchange. CoinDCX trading platform offers Futures Trading and also enables 20X Leverage. Along with this, it also accepts instant payment gateways from popular payment methods like UPI, IMPS, Net Banking, etc. 

4.    WazirX 

WazirX trading platform, an amazing product from the mind of Nischal Shetty, has been operating in the crypto market since 2017. It is considered the most extensively used Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform by Indians. 
It offers the services of Crypto Exchange in India for crypto traders and even also supports P2P exchanges on the trading platform. This exchange platform is highly compatible with all devices which include Windows, MacBooks, iPhones, and Android. WazirX was newly acquired by the world’s foremost Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, Binance. 

This Crypto Trading platform allows you to invest by using INR, US dollars, Bitcoin (BTC), and even P2P. The WazirX platform has its own Crypto Coin called WRX which can be purchased using INR. 
After that, you can use those WRX coins to invest in other cryptocurrencies as per your preference. One of the popular features of the WazirX platform is that you can earn extra coins through several contests which are available in the Information section on the WazirX trading app. 
Registered users can easily secure their trading account by using the Two Factor Authentication feature or by in-app Passcode which can be enabled through your Smartphone settings.  

5.    KuCoin 

KuCoin trading platform is another popular Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform that debuted in Hong Kong in 2017 under the name “People’s Exchange”. Their main objective was to give access its users to a simple and secure trading platform for a wide range of digital currencies (or Cryptocurrencies). 
They’ve already made a huge impact on the global Cryptocurrency Community with over 11 million users. Kucoin is a reliable, safe, and user-friendly Crypto Trading Platform with operations in over 200 countries. 

It has a wide variety of Cryptocurrencies which also includes recently launched Cryptocurrencies. 
Along with this, it also provides extremely low costs for trading, deposit and withdrawal fees, and adequate preventive measures. It provides sporadic liquidity issues with low Trading Volumes and low Coinsurances. Sometimes, you may face some issues when there is heavy traffic on the trading platform. The exchange

platform intends to equalize or democratize finance for all by simplifying the trading process. 
On the KuCoin trading platform, only Partial Verification is needed on the platform, and complete verification only occurs in the case of some suspicious activity or if the withdrawal limit exceeds 2 BTC in 24 hours. The trading platform also provides Two-Factor Authentication for its consumer base. 

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