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Every year, several new types of coins enter the market, giving investors tremendous rewards. In the last bull run, NFT, metaverse, web3, and gaming provided enormous returns. First and foremost, meme coin performed excellently.

When there is a high demand for a specific type of coin, only flames will come out. This demand arises when they provide returns ranging from 500% to 1000%. As soon as this coin appears on the list of top gainers, everyone’s attention is drawn to it. We later learned that the currency was a metaverse or NFT coin at that time after learning more about it.

Similar to this, a new category is already emerging that has the potential to see rapid development in the future. Artificial intelligence is the new category. People’s interest in AI has grown dramatically since ChatGPT hit the market. People are shocked to watch the live use case of AI that how such a wonderful work can be done.

Secret Key

If you already know what other people know, you will make less money. Unique items stay unique as long as they are owned by a small number of individuals.

There are several reasons why the prices of high-end clothing and electronics are so excessive. However, it should be noted that few people own those items. If just few people have it, it appears to be unique and has a premium vibe.

It’s becoming increasingly Trend these Days to Make People Envious of Others.

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People have invested in Metaverse, gaming, and NFT tokens. All of these tokens have performed great in the recent bullrun. All of these tokens should do well in the upcoming bull season as well.

If we identify that category where the price is really low in today’s time and no one’s focus is on it, then magic can happen. Something extraordinary can happen if we spend simply $5-$10 in Artificial Intelligence coins for a year and leave them. We saw this magic 2–3 years ago with currencies like shiba inu, dogecoin, AXS, and gala, and we can anticipate it to happen again with AI coin.

Someone invests $10 in a Shiba Inu and walks away with a profit of several million dollars. Such possibilities exist if you invest in these coins at the proper moment. Add AI tokens to your watch list and keep acquiring some little coins anytime you have a chance.

Almost all AI coins are available on multiple exchanges, including Binance.

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AI Trend

We must forecast the future trend; certain AI coins have already begun to get moment. Many companies are working on artificial intelligence projects. Many groups are working on AI, and they will require funding to complete the project. After that, they put their token on the market. The launch of the project is enhanced by the fact that it is promoted by the launch of the project. We’ve seen similar things with gaming tokens, NFT tokens, and web3.

People of all sectors have begun developing AI since Microsoft began concentrating on Ai.

Because humans are becoming more lazy, the usage of AI in our daily lives has increased dramatically. Everyone need a personal helper who can complete tasks by listening to commands. The ability to make money has now been expanded to AI cryptocurrency.

1. AllianceBlock ALBT

  • ALBT Price $0.102094
  • Market Cap Rank #420
  • Market Cap $46,733,199
  • All-Time High $1.36
  • All-Time Low $0.0362

About & Use

DeFi has separated these products and services into three categories, each of these has special characteristics.

This bridge assists the network by allowing cross-chain interoperability. There will be a dashboard with data analytics and statistics from the AllianceBlock terminal.

Liquidity Mining, Stacking, Fundrs, DEX, Bridge, and Data Tunnel are some of the features. You may create your own smart contract in a matter of minutes without writing any code. This smart contract will be completely under your control.

Many large projects have invested in this project, including chainlink, Binance lab, API, DAO maker, Elrond, and Polygon.

Screenshot of Tradingview — 1D Chart

Falling from $1.4, this coin has come near $0.10. Upside moment has started, so definitely keep an eye on it. If it goes up to its all-time high as well, it can easily give 12x returns.

2. Fetch.ai (FET)

  • Fetch.ai Price $0.279057
  • Market Cap Rank #126
  • Market Cap $292,813,559
  • All-Time High $1.17
  • All-Time Low $0.0081695

About & Use

You’ve probably heard of the FET token.

Agents — To Communicate and for a internal interaction with new layer.
Network — Used for economic settlement.
Tools — CLI programme for testing and fast discovering data queries.

Interoperable decentralized networks enable difficult tasks in AI, automation, and the digital economy by utilizing open-source software tools.

Many well-known companies, like Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, and Bosch, have invested in this project.

Screenshot of Tradingview — 1D Chart

This coin has seen big sub-swing many times. It has fallen from $1.2 to near $0.27. If the upside moment is evident, then avoid it for some time and wait for the correction.

3. iExec RLC RLC

  • iExec RLC Price $1.65
  • Market Cap Rank #229
  • Market Cap $118,691,940
  • All-Time High $15.51
  • All-Time Low $0.1538

About & Use

Web3 apps may be developed through their Web3-Marketplace. Oracles may be easily created with this. This project is focusing on future internet.
Using the iExec cloud platform, you can monetize and rent computing power and data.

They offer four products: Web3 Marketplace, Oracle Factory, Confidential Computing, and iExec SDK.

Screenshot of Tradingview — 1D Chart

RLC is a very old coin so you will know more than me. RLC is a skyrocket coin. Whenever there is momentum, a big jump is seen. Last year a new all time high of $16 was made, from there it has come down to around $1.60. Do keep an eye on this coin. If it goes back to all time high then it can give more than 15x return.

4. Numeraire NMR

  • Numeraire Price $16.59
  • Market Cap Rank #250
  • Market Cap $102,053,247
  • All-Time High $93.15
  • All-Time Low $2.06

About & Use

This project is designed to develop machine learning models, which may be used to predict the stock market using code.

The purpose of this project is to assist the whole hedge fund. Hedge funds require stock market information. All of the data from their machine learning models is available to you.

Screenshot of Tradingview — 1D Chart

NMR is a super pumping coin, whenever the moment comes, it gives 2x-3x returns within 1–2 days. Last time an all time high was made around $100 and now it has come near $16. The next bullrun has the potential to be up to 10x.

5. The Graph GRT

  • The Graph Price $0.084667
  • Market Cap Rank #58
  • Market Cap $748,896,222
  • All-Time High $2.84
  • All-Time Low $0.0520

About & Use

The developer must always create Dapps and collect data in order to integrate them into the Dapps. If this information is available, people will search for it in order to find the perfect system. This data requires a significant amount of effort to gather. GRT is the answer to this problem.
After paying a little amount, you may obtain perfect information about the Graph project.

Cases have been rising over the previous four quarters. Many projects have been developed using them.

Screenshot of Tradingview — 1D Chart

GRT is the best AI coin ever. Super low cap has also come in the list of altcoin. All time high was made around $2.6 and today it has come to $0.0827. If it touches its all time high again, then 4000% return can be easily achieved. Never miss this coin.

If we continue to discuss, the article will become quite long. I will absolutely write a separate article on it.

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