How To Earn Cryptocurrency In 2023 With No Investment

Fill Your Crypto “Bags” With “Free Crypto” And Hold As The Next Bull Run Begins

There’s no free meal, but in this case, we can call it “free crypto” since the plan is to earn cryptocurrencies without any other investment but only our free time.

During the bear market opportunities may seem slim, but there are still several out there, and with a solid plan can become quite lucrative.

Airdrops, giveaways, bounties, participation in communities, AMAs, and bounties will only demand some of the time of the hunter and may present worthy rewards.

The best time to begin with cryptocurrency with no investment is now!

The next bull run is getting closer, so accumulating today will bring life-changing conditions in the following two to three years.

As with everything else, there are a few issues, though. For an inexperienced person, it is difficult to recognize the scams that will manipulate their communities and victimize investors.

Thus, a strong sense of accountability should also apply to all those that look into ways to earn crypto.

We present various examples of how anyone can begin earning cryptocurrency in 2023 without any investment.

Earn Cryptocurrency In 2023

Here are some of the ways to earn cryptocurrency online during 2023.

1. Airdrops


In the past, websites like AirdropsAlert and used to offer many opportunities with “legit” airdrops. Lately, however, they present obscure giveaways that underdeliver. Still, they are the top two choices in listing new airdrops.

New projects have stopped airdropping tokens as a marketing tactic,

Yet, in 2021 several new projects in new EVM networks like BSC and smartBCH handed out decent rewards to participants.

Sometimes an airdrop can be worth several thousand dollars if the airdrop hunter does not immediately sell at a low price.

Airdrop websites:

There are several airdrop-index websites out there, but they have listed several times scam projects that pose a danger to everyone, thus I can only mention these two that have a better record. Still, exercise caution since the purpose of a project may appear way later.

Once we notice a red flag, hunters should avoid promoting or participating in a project.

Airdrops to avoid:

  • Avoid DeFi airdrops that ask for trades and volumes.
    You will end up paying excessively more than the airdrop you will receive while looking for the next Uniswap. Many tried to exploit these airdrops but ended up with a net negative.
  • Avoid airdrops asking for deposits or initial purchases of their token. That’s never going to end well.
  • Avoid KYC-related airdrops at all costs.
    Better to avoid all KYC anywhere online since your data is never safe. Scammers have operated KYC airdrops and abused private documents to facilitate scams and money laundering in the name of the airdrop hunter. You will get in trouble if you send your ID to scammers, so handle your private documents and data with respect.

Airdrop telegram groups

2. Bounties

A 4-week Signature Campaign that paid between $1000 and $2000 to every participant

Bounties will always be there, although, as usual, 90% of the projects will fail immediately. Thus, it becomes necessary to follow the right people (the top bounty managers) on these two forums, to increase the odds of success.

a) bitcointalk (forum)

There are two different types of bounties on Bitcointalk:

Campaigns that last a few weeks with actions requested, such as:

– Tweets, retweets, likes

– Facebook posts and likes

– Linkedin likes and share

In general, projects will ask for meaningful contributions by participants. Every week the hunters will fill their links on a google sheet which is the normal procedure to accumulate

In most campaigns, projects will also ask and reward:

– Articles

– Youtube, Tik-tok videos

New accounts are not accepted, though. If you managed to raise your account to the level of “junior member” you can check this page daily and find out if there are spots available in any campaign. Then, you can submit your entry and wait for validation.

As the name suggests (signature-ad campaign), the task here is to add the banner of a project at the bottom of your posts on the bitcointalk forum and perhaps adding the logo as your profile picture. Also, there is a low limit of posts/comments and instructions regarding each campaign.

Reaching higher than the “member” rank in bitcointalk is out of reach. Do not expect anything better, as it will be a waste of time whether you publish quality content on that forum or not.

b) alt coins talk (forum)

Here’s the section you need from altcoinstalk:

Usually, we will find the same bounties with bitcointalk running on altcoinstalk, but for bounty hunters, altcoinstalk may present different opportunities.

Get Notified About New Bounties Immediately

There is also this telegram channel that automatically updates whenever new bounties are published, which can assist bounty hunters receive notifications regarding new bounties:

This telegram group is like a well-kept secret for bounty hunters, but there you go, you’ve reached this far, so consider it a gift.

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3. CashRain

My Community On CashRain

The beta testing of Cashrain is about to end and registrations will reopen soon. The team is fixing bugs constantly, and CashRain is getting ready to play a central role in the next crypto bull run.

I have “rained” more than $100 in Bitcoin Cash with several Cashrains to hundreds of participants.

Kim Dotcom and many more have already airdropped more than $40,000 in Bitcoin Cash to several participants.

Cashrain is probably the easiest way to earn cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Cash).

Cashrain is right now invite-only. I got no invites left to share, but soon it will allow new people to join.

Bookmark the page here and remember to follow my community too when you do:


I admit I was wrong about Cash rain.

As with many other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash is severely undervalued right now, and rewards received from any platform contain a vast potential for the next bull run.

4. CoinGecko — CoinMarketCap

Create an account on the top two crypto indexes and accumulate daily points until we find a reward that matters.

Some of the Coingecko early NFTs were selling for $200 and higher on OpenSea in 2021.

On CoinMarketCap, the issue is that the site doesn’t give enough items to exchange the rewards, and upon offering something new, it immediately sells out. Perhaps a process to offer various rewards (tokens, NFTs) and cover demand would make collecting “diamonds” worthwhile.

5. Coinbase & Binance “Learn And Earn” Programs

These two exchanges and a few more offer educational pages that reward users with cryptocurrencies.

However, both these exchanges require KYC.

As we described in this article, it is not wise to hand out private information to receive airdropped tokens.

Still, these two major exchanges have enforced mandatory KYC, so their active users can use these options to earn cryptocurrencies.

6. Writing Platforms

Hive — Publish0X

Blogging/writing platforms that pay the users in cryptocurrencies like Hive, Ethereum, etc .

The rewards on both Hive and Publish0x might be small today, but for anyone with time and talent in writing, they present an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency rewards.

While the rewards of $1 or $2 in tokens may look small, the price of many of these can rise significantly.

Make sure to publish content using hashtags of communities like leofinance, neoxian, ecency, proofofbrain which also offer their unique websites to join Hive.

The Hive Keychain is also the best browser-based non-custodial wallet to sign messages for the Hive platform and execute transfers of funds.

Besides these two websites, more platforms may offer contests and campaigns on their websites regarding writing or video content, often with exceptional rewards. Kucoin and Bitswap are two examples. —

For two years,, and were the best platforms supporting users to accumulate rewards in Bitcoin Cash. However, the reward program has recently ended.

Marc De Mesel was the main donator to these platforms, but the severe drop in the price of Bitcoin Cash also impacted the payment system in both platforms.

Still, anything can change, and the tipping option on both platforms is still active, so anyone can receive a tip from another user at any given time.


You don’t earn cryptocurrency with Medium, although you never know! Stripe (the payment processor Medium uses) has already added a USDC ramp, although still not available in all regions.

For the time being, Medium pays in USD and other fiat currency writers in the countries listed above.

Similar is the situation with which also uses Stripe.

Still, these are options that we can add next to any other crypto-related activity, and Medium or Vocal should be next to Hive and Publish0x for cryptocurrency writers.

Distractions: Social Media Giveaways — Faucets — Watching Ads for Rewards

There are always exceptions, but the rule here is that all the above are a waste of time.


Twitter Giveaway Scam

Usually with giveaways, you get fake accounts of the organizers earning the rewards. Such was the case of Waltonchain in 2018, where the controller of the official Twitter account of Walton forgot to switch accounts while cheating at a giveaway (source).

This is not proof that all giveaways are scams, but it is always better to consider most times you waste time seeking giveaways.

However, the source could be a reliable person or a credible project, so perhaps it could be a rare opportunity sometimes.


Faucets are an absolute waste of time, although sometimes they can have a small effect to increase awareness of a new project.

For example, read about the first Bitcoin faucet and how it was paying 5BTC to every participant, back in 2010:

5 Bitcoins Up For Grabs! — The First Bitcoin Faucet (2010)

Want to make 5BTC with just a few clicks? 11 years ago, this was possible.

Ad-watching (BAT Tokens)

Regarding the BAT / Brave rewards, some people seem to think this was worth their time, but they should instead consider the cost of missing out on other activities.

We can categorize watching ads for rewards as a section of worthless online activities. There are so many better opportunities than wasting time like that.

Mobile Earning Apps

None of these work. The time-to-reward ratio is ridiculous, so avoid even looking for earning apps on Android or IOS.

To Maximize Your Gains, Do Not Sell Anything During The Bear Market

Whatever you have earned, even if it is just $1 worth of tokens you got from an airdrop or a giveaway, do not sell it.

Sure, chances suggest most projects will tank and reach zero.

But, those that will survive will present a rare opportunity that will cover up all the losses and also provide vast profit, making hunting worthwhile.

Back in 2019, I made some horrible mistakes like this one:

This was a reward from a Decentraland contest, where my design won one of the prizes.

Yet, I sold these tokens for $151, and today amid this bear market, they are worth $2,300, while during the peak of 2021, they were more than $15,000. I sold for $0.05, and the price reached $5 two years later. A missed 100x opportunity.

An unforgivable mistake since I also believed in Decentraland, supported the project since 2017 and followed developments until 2021.

The wrong mindset prevailed, yet this wasn’t the only time.

So, seriously, it might be useful to learn and calculate market caps, as this is one indicator that tells us when to take a profit. Don’t sell a decent token or coin for peanuts.

You don’t have to experience this either. Don’t sell your airdropped coins for pitiful amounts that will make no difference.

Some projects contain vast potential as they mature.

Sure I made several mistakes, but I’ve made several correct calls as well as buying Ethereum close to $100 in 2020.

If you ask me when to buy or hold cryptocurrency, that’s today. This article is not about investing, but still, you get the idea. We can’t sell when the bottom is close, even if that’s airdrops or rewarded tokens.

If you plan to work for nothing, then you got everything wrong about cryptocurrency.

Sell as the bull run turns parabolic.

Below is the Axie Infinity (AXS) chart, which airdropped tokens and NFTs back in 2019.

Seriously, you don’t need $1 or $2, and you don’t even need to sell anything for $100 worth of tokens if what you see has potential.

Some of the low-valued tokens you received could be projects with a working product, a decent community, and a constant presence in the crypto news.

We will accumulate anything and only look again at our wallets in 2025.

This is the process whether you invested or not, as some of the coins you will get from all these activities will sustain your investment and allow it to grow during the bull run to heights you never expected.

Closing Thoughts *DYOR

Take some time and focus on the project. Determine the purpose of each project before promoting it for an airdrop.

Read the previous paragraph, too, and realize that sometimes we make unforgivable mistakes. We get discouraged watching prices drop, and we may have to make something out of this, so we will end up selling at low prices, effectively kicking our luck with this approach.

If there’s any other honest approach to earning crypto online (without investment) please leave a comment.

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